“President” of FAMU Band Charged in Tragic Hazing Death

“President” of FAMU Band Charged in Tragic Hazing Death
It’s been almost a year since Robert Champion was beaten to death in a hazing incident but Dante Martin has become the 12th person charged. Champion was killed during an alleged hazing incident where band members beat him on Florida A&M University’s band bus C in 2011. His senseless death made national headlines and raised questions about hazing at FAMU.

Hazing Attorney Las Vegas
Martin was allegedly the unofficial president of Bus C in 2011, reports USA Today. He was added as a defendant in the criminal case according to new court documents.
The charges filed by the prosecution: felony hazing in Champion’s death.

Detectives allege that Martin organized the hazing events on Bus C although prosecutors have not confirmed that, according to USA Today. Martin has also pled not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of hazing in a related incident.

The tragic events that led to Champions death involved a hazing ritual known as ‘crossing Bus C.’ Initiates of the ritual had to move from the front to the back of the bus while other band members assaulted them using their hands, feet, and other objects. Hazing is a serious offense that seems to be commonplace at all levels of sports, school, and social organizations that many states have taken steps to punish.
It’s considered more than just simple assault, however, even though it’s as serious crime in itself. Hazing requires that the injury happens as a result of some kind of initiation ritual into a club or organization. It is also possible to charge someone with hazing if no injury occurs but the initiation is dangerous enough to likely cause harm.

Reports of ‘crossing Bus C’ indicate that it was part of the initiation into the group, according to Orlando Sentinel. It’s also clear that Champion died of injuries that could be linked to physical assault. The trial will determine whether the defendants were actually participants in a hazing incident. In Martin’s case, there have been no allegations that he ever hit anyone according to his attorney. But that doesn’t negate the charges.

Hazing isn’t just the act itself. In many states, it’s also illegal to organize such rituals or to encourage others to participate. The charges against the defendants are all criminal but that doesn’t preclude civil charges as well. The investigation into Robert Champion’s death appears to be ongoing for now. Dante Martin is the latest person charged in the incident but he may not be the last.

Hazing is a strange phenomenon associated with the desire to be part of a group. It is difficult to understand why so many people subject themselves to so much pain and suffering in order to “belong.” It does not help that the vast majority of the participants in these rituals are younger; school age or slightly older – hazing is extremely common in the military as well. It may have something to do with the vulnerability of that age, in conjunction with the fact that some parts of the brain, particularly the frontal cortex, which regulates violent or antisocial behavior, and decision-making, is not fully developed until well into a person’s twenties.

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4-Vehicle Accident in Southeast Vegas Kills Motorcyclist

4-Vehicle Accident Kills Motorcyclist

A horrific four-vehicle accident on Tuesday left a 36-year-old motorcyclist dead in Southeast Las Vegas.

The accident between a motorcycle, a tow truck, and two cars occurred around 5:00 pm close to the intersection of East Flamingo Road and Eucalyptus Avenue, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the motorcyclist was riding a 2011 Honda bike east on Flamingo and appeared to be going at a high rate of speed in a bus lane. The motorcycle struck a Honda CR-V as it was exiting a roadway at Flamingo Road. The impact then carried the car and motorcycle into the center median. The motorcycle flipped over the median and struck a Dodge Avenger driving west on Flamingo. Debris from this collision struck a tow truck driving west.

The motorcyclist and the 62-year-old driver of the CR-V were transported to the hospital where the motorcyclist died. No other drivers or passengers were injured. While the woman driving the CR-V was initially listed in critical condition, her injuries were later described as moderate by the police.

Motorcycle accidents are on the rise across the country, but the weekly FARS report for Nevada found that motorcycle fatalities are increasing at a startling rate in Clark County. Motorcyclists are up to 30 times more likely to die in an accident than people in a car. While 50% of motorcycle accidents are single-vehicle accidents, when a collision does involve a vehicle, the driver of the car is at fault around 60% of the time.

If you or someone you love has been seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident, a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer can help you protect your rights and seek fair compensation for your injuries. Contact Christensen Law for a free consultation with an experienced injury lawyer in Vegas to defend your rights and help you build your case.

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Essential Tips After a Car Accident in Las Vegas

Essential Tips to Consider After Experiencing a Car Accident in Las Vegas

No one wants to get involved in an accident. However, according to studies, there is a good chance that someone encounters an accident at least once in 18 years. This means that you will most likely suffer from one or two in your lifetime.

It is important that you know exactly what needs to be done during these circumstances. Whether you have caused the accident or you are a victim of it, the last thing to do is panic. Try to calm your nerves down and think of the necessary actions right away.

If this accident happened in Nevada, the state law says that you need to pullover to the shoulder first to avoid criminal liability. You need to provide first aid help if you have knowledge in doing so for injuries as a result of the accident. You have the responsibility to call for an ambulance or bring the injured party to the hospital. Exchanging information with the other party is also essential. This includes the name, vehicle registration number, address and contact number.

Las Vegas Auto Accident LawyerTake photos of the scene as evidence. Try to recall as hard as you can the moments leading to the accident. It could be the weather or road conditions. Write them down before you forget what happened. It is also advised to stay away from a fight during the accident. Avoid apologizing too. It could be used against you in court.

For accidents that have resulted in property damage, injuries or death, a report must be submitted within 10 days. This is quite a detailed report that must be submitted to the Nevada DMV.

Get auto insurance

It helps if you have auto insurance to avoid thinking about the expenses after the accident. The insurance company will take care of these expenses. Nevada follows a “fault” system. It means that whoever is considered at fault, their insurance company will take care of the payment. Imagine being involved in an accident and you were determined to be at fault, but you don’t have insurance. You have to shoulder the entire expenses that could cost thousands of dollars especially if someone died.

Preparing for lawsuits

The most common lawsuit is negligence. If you are certain that the other party did not exercise reasonable caution during the circumstances leading to the accident, you may sue for negligence. If someone died during the accident, wrongful death may be brought up as the case. If proven guilty, the other party needs to pay for lost wages, funeral expenses and lost companionship. A bigger lawsuit that is rarely filed in court is products liability lawsuit. In this case, the complainant sues the company that manufactured the vehicle. It has to be proven that there was a design error or manufacturing defect that played a major role in the accident.

Time limit

If you are planning to file a lawsuit as a result of the accident, the maximum allowable time in Nevada is two years. Otherwise, the judge will immediately dismiss the claims regardless of the merits. This statute of limitation is in place to protect defendants from an incident that has taken place a long time ago. They can no longer defend themselves well if a lot of time has passed.

Be protected

It helps that you have a lawyer by your side when filing a lawsuit. It could cost a lot. However, if you think that a lawsuit is necessary, go for it. There are free legal services in Nevada that you can avail of. To be sure though, hire quality attorneys specializing in an auto accident.

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Determining Who’s at Fault in a Las Vegas Parking Lot Accident

Determining Who’s at Fault in a Las Vegas Parking Lot Accident

Generally, the law for accidents in parking lot is the same as car accidents on the road. Most parking lots in Nevada have stop signs and other devices for motorists to obey. Drivers are responsible for following these devices and use caution whenever necessary. Determining who is at fault can be a complex process in a crowded parking area especially if complicating factors come up.

Why the need to determine

Las Vegas Parking Lot AccidentPolice officers may claim that they cannot determine who is at fault since a parking lot is a private property, but even if a careless driver was not cited, complainants can still have a claim. It is necessary to determine who is fault officially, for it decides which insurance is liable for paying the damages. Insurance companies rely on testimonies of witnesses to determine fault.

How fault is determined

In parking lot car accident, fault is partly determined through standard road rules and partly by insurance company’s internal guidelines. A driver is automatically at fault if he hits a pedestrian or a parked car, run a stop sign, drives the wrong way or fails to follow other established rules of the road. Additionally, he is at fault if he manifests negligence by driving too fast, texting while driving, or engaging in other reckless behavior. Things can get obscure if things happen beyond these clear-cut cases.  If the accident involves two moving vehicles, some insurance companies share responsibility evenly or in rare cases, 25-75. This typically happens when accidents involve cars hitting each other while backing out of space at the same time.

When parking lot is at fault

Some car accidents happen due to poorly maintained parking lot facility. The property owner is primarily responsible for ensuring that the parking lot is safe for everyone to use. They should see to it that problems like holes, inadequate lighting or construction defects are addressed or visitors are warned about slippery surfaces, etc. The building owner can be liable to premises liability claims resulting from negligence. This is common in comprehensive claims involving parked vehicle or single vehicle accidents. Complainants can recover compensation for repair, medical bills or loss wages, when applicable.

What to do to support your case

Fault is often contested for no one wants to admit his responsibility for an accident. In case the other party contests, you should do a few things to support your case. You can write down the incident as soon as possible. This allows you to recall the incident accurately and not confuse your insurer with conflicting statements. Take a picture of the scene and the damage to your car. This helps easily recreate the scene and provide evidence that supports your version. Get the contact information of witnesses who saw the accident and obtain footage of surveillance cameras from the security department. It is best to remain calm for anger will not lead you to anything. Do not hesitate to get in touch with a Nevada lawyer for professional advice. A good lawyer will protect your rights and get the proper settlements.


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School Bus With Children Involved in Las Vegas Accident

las vegas school bus crashAccording to police, a school bus with 45 students on-board was involved in a collision in Las Vegas that resulted in minor injuries.

Six students were treated at the scene and cleared for school.

Clark County School District spokesperson David Roddy said the school bus was driving toward Schorr Elementary School when the crash occurred with a car close to Cactus Avenue and Bermuda Road, about one mile from the school.

Additional buses responded to the scene to take the children to school.

While school bus accidents do not always result in injuries, they can be very serious. About 17,000 children are inured in school bus-related accidents every year, including many in the Las Vegas area. In December, two people were left in critical condition after a school bus crash in North Las Vegas. Also last year, a school bus struck and killed a two-year-old in the street of North Las Vegas.

Under Nevada law, a child injured in a school bus accident that is caused by the bus driver’s negligence grants the child and parents a limited claim against the driver. While the driver is a government employee with sovereign immunity from lawsuits for simple negligence, drivers can still be held liable for gross negligence. A school board can also be held liable for simple negligence committed by a school bus driver. In Clark County, there is a cap on damages of up to $100,000.

If your child has been injured in a school bus crash, contact Christensen Law for a free consultation with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to discuss your options.

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2 Injured in Pedestrian Taxi Accident at McCarran Airport

Two people were sent to the hospital after a car accident involving two pedestrians and two taxis at McCarran International Airport.

Pedestrian Accident in Taxi Loading Area

Fire crews and police responded to the accident on Sunday, April 10 to reports of an injury crash that took place in the taxi loading area. According to Christine Crews, spokeswoman for McCarran, the two pedestrians were taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center.

Also on Sunday, a 24-year-old woman was killed after being hit by a car on Pecos Road the day before. Kortni Hagg died on Sunday from blunt-force trauma after she was hit while crossing on a marked crosswalk near Rawhide Street. Hagg was struck by a Ford Fiesta driving north on Pecos.

Driver Of Fiesta Stopped

The driver of the Fiesta stopped immediately and was struck by another car from behind. The second car did not hit the pedestrian. Both drivers remained on the scene and neither showed signs of impairment, according to police. Hagg was transported to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center where she died from her injuries.

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise in Las Vegas, which now averages one pedestrian death every six days. Pedestrians die at a higher rate in our county than in other major cities like Manhattan, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas. While law agencies have tried to reduce pedestrian deaths through increased awareness and law enforcement, rapid growth of the city combined with inattentive drivers and pedestrians are difficult to combat.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a pedestrian accident, contact a Las Vegas injury lawyer right away. A personal injury lawyer will help you protect your rights and seek fair compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Schedule a free consultation with a Las Vegas pedestrian accident attorney at Christensen Law Offices today to discuss your case. Call us when you are feeling up to it at (702) 870-1000.

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Types of Damages in a Car Accident Settlement

In personal injury cases, victims can seek compensation for injuries, property damage, and other losses. This compensation is called “damages.” There are many types of damages you can claim if you have been injured in a car accident in Las Vegas. A Las Vegas injury attorney can help you seek compensatory and punitive damages, Las Vegas car accident attorney - car accident lawyer in las vegasdepending on your case. Here’s what you should know about damages in a personal injury lawsuit after a car accident. Call us at Christensen Law Offices when you are in good health at (702) 870-1000.

Compensatory Damages

Compensatory damages compensate victims for actual damages due to an injury. The injury does not need to be physical, as financial and emotional damages may also be awarded. Most victims who file personal injury lawsuits in Las Vegas seek damages for medical expenses.

Types of damages common in car accident settlements that are related to financial losses include:

  • Medical expenses. You are entitled to compensation for your existing medical bills as well as the estimated cost of future care. Medical expenses that may result from a car accident include physical therapy, ambulance charges, consultation fees, medical devices, and in-home care.
  • Property damage, such as vehicle repairs or replacement.
  • Lost income. You may be entitled to lost wages from time you needed to miss work or a reduced earning capacity due to your injuries.
  • Temporary or total disability. You may be entitled to compensation for a disability as a result of the accident.

There are also non-monetary losses you may be entitled to receive. This may include pain and suffering, fear, anxiety, or distress as a result of the injury or accident. It’s important to work with a Las Vegas car accident attorney to help you recover for non-monetary losses as insurance companies will rarely offer any money for these injuries. Call us when you have time at (702) 870-1000, do this before you talk to the insurance company.

Punitive Damages

The second type of damages in a personal injury case are punitive damages, which may be available in certain cases. Punitive damages are not tied to the harm or injury suffered. Instead, they are designed to punish the defendant for certain types of behavior, such as very reckless behavior. Drivers who were intoxicated and caused an accident that led to significant harm or death, for example, may be punished with punitive damages. Only a small percentage of personal injury cases result in punitive damages.

If you have been hurt in a car accident, don’t speak to the insurance company without talking to a personal injury attorney first. The insurance adjuster’s job is getting you to accept as little money as possible for your injuries. Contact Christensen Law Offices today for a free consultation with an experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer who will help you defend your rights. Call us today at (702) 870-1000.

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Pedestrian Accidents: A Hidden Epidemic in Las Vegas

More People Killed in Pedestrian Accidents Than…

Did you know more people are killed in pedestrian accidents in Nevada than in homicides? Walking has become a new risk in Las Vegas with an average of 1 death every 6 days in the Las Vegas area. More than 60 people were killed Las Vegas Strip Pedestrian Accident Attorneysin 2013 and dozens hospitalized with critical injuries in Clark County. If you have been injured then you need to protect your rights and when you are able you need to contact a pedestrian accident lawyer in Las Vegas. Call Christensen Law Offices when you are able at (702) 870-1000

In 2012, the last full year for which statistics are available, people died at a higher rate in Clark County in pedestrian car accidents than in Manhattan, Phoenix, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Pedestrian deaths are also on the rise.

Drivers Just Don’t Pay Attention

Community leaders and law agencies have attempted to respond with increased law enforcement, public meetings, and raising awareness, but it hasn’t made a dent in the numbers. The problem is, for the most part, drivers who do not pay enough attention to pedestrians and pedestrians who aren’t always mindful of dangers. Rapid growth of the Las Vegas Valley has also contributed to the problem with long stretches of road between crosswalks, wide streets with many lanes, and high speed limits.

In 2014, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman announced the city will launch a 5-year, $3.5 million program to improve safety for pedestrians. The Nevada Department of Transportation is also working to install new lights and safety measures, but a single upgrade at one intersection is projected to cost about $1 million.

Pedestrian Accidents Today Are Usually Very Serious

Pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas are often serious. In 2012, the University Medical Center treated 244 people hit by vehicles, 24 of whom died, 7 of whom had to move into a nursing home, and 20 of whom went to a rehab center to recovery. 78 of the victims suffered major trauma. These 244 patients incurred medical bills of $18 million. If you are one of these people who is in need of a pedestrian accident attorney in Las Vegas, call Christensen Law Offices, we are there to help you and will provide a free consultation to learn more about your case and let you know your options, call us at (702) 870-1000

Research has found that alcohol often plays a role in pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians who are intoxicated are often unable to safely navigate roadways while impaired drivers cannot spot people fast enough to respond. Distracted drivers and pedestrians are also common. Smartphones alone have contributed to several pedestrian deaths in Las Vegas.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a pedestrian traffic accident, it’s important to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas as soon as possible as these cases do have a statute of limitations. A Las Vegas personal injury attorney can help you build a case and recover money to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. A Las Vegas pedestrian accident lawyer can also help you protect your rights and help you get the compensation you need.

If you have experienced or know someone who has been involved in a pedestrian accident, please have them call us at Christensen Law Offices of Las Vegas today at (702) 870-1000.

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What to Do After a Dog Bite

Dog bites are on the rise across the country and account for about $1 billion per year in medical costs and lost wages. Unfortunately, about 50% of dog bite victims in Las Vegas are children, most of whom are between 5 and 9 years old. Dog bites are the second most common childhood injury and most injuries occur on the face.

Las vegas dog bite attorneyBeing bitten or attacked by a dog can be very traumatic, especially when a dog attacks your child. Here’s what you can do to get the care you need and protect your rights with the help of a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer at Christensen Law Offices.

Seek Medical Attention

See a healthcare professional as soon as possible after the attack. If the injuries seem serious, do not hesitate to visit an emergency room. Even minor wounds should be cleaned and disinfected because dog bites can spread bacteria and lead to infection. You may also want to check with the dog’s veterinarian to check that the dog’s rabies vaccination is up to date as well.

Notify the Authorities

If you can locate the dog’s owner, exchange contact information. The police or animal control should be informed if someone was hurt by a dog attack so they can take action to keep it from happening to someone else. A police report can also be used as evidence in your case.

Document the attack as soon as you can while the details are still fresh. If you can, get pictures of the animal responsible for the attack while you are at the scene, but do not try to catch or hold an unknown animal or provoke it any further. Take photographs of your wounds and injuries.

Contact an Attorney

A Las Vegas personal injury lawyer will help you protect your rights and understand your legal options when you have been injured by a dog due to someone else’s negligence. Always speak with a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas before you talk to the insurance company as anything you tell the insurance adjuster can be used against you. Contact Christensen Law Offices today for a free consultation to discuss your dog bite case and review your options.

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Scooter Driver Killed in DUI Hit-and-Run Crash Identified

scooter accident attorneyThe Clark County coroner has identified the man killed in a hit-and-run DUI accident in Las Vegas Valley on July 23.

Petro Demetruc Jones, 40, of Illinois was killed driving a scooter on West Russell Road at around 10:30 pm on July 23 when the driver of a 2007 Toyota Sequoia crashed into the scooter from behind.

Jones and the scooter were pushed over 175 feet before Jones was ejected from the scooter. Jones was then struck by a second vehicle, which may have been a Nissan Sentra, which fled the scene.

Jones was transported to University Medical Center and pronounced dead.

The driver of the Toyota, Adrian Arriaga-Andrade, 19, failed field sobriety tests administered by police officers and was arrested for a single charge of driving under the influence resulting in death.

Police are still seeking information about the vehicle that fled the scene.

This is the second moped traffic fatality this month in Las Vegas. On July 11, Gilbert Jerry Pacheco, 66, was killed when he failed to stay in his lane and hit a raised center median, causing him to be ejected from the scooter.

Moped and scooter accidents have a high risk of fatality and serious injury. According to a study conducted in 2011, only 17% of drivers wore a helmet. The study also concluded that most traffic infrastructure in the U.S., including Las Vegas, does not accommodate the safety of scooter and moped drivers. Pedestrian, scooter, and moped deaths are also on the rise in Nevada. While motorcycle fatalities have declined in 2016, moped deaths have more than doubled since 2014.

If you or someone you love has been seriously hurt in a scooter or moped accident, a Las Vegas personal injury attorney can help you understand your legal options and protect your rights. Contact Christensen Law today for a free consultation with an experienced injury lawyer.

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